Jenni Goldman

Moments of Normal: Photographs from Herzliya
Copyright © 2003

Quiet, everyday moments on a beach. Spending time with family and friends. Enjoying the sun and the sea. Not so extraordinary unless it is in the midst of war. In Israel, life is experienced to its fullest in each and every moment. Fear is replaced by a collusion with fate. Sharon Beach in Herzliya feels warm, safe, welcoming.
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Peace by Piece: Photographs from the Golan Heights
Copyright © 2000

Photographed at a time when negotiations with Syria were being revisited. Israel had recently withdrawn from Lebanon, talks were in-process with the Palestinians and treaties with Egypt and Jordan had proven successful. The Golan Heights had been settled by the Israelis, was inhabited by native Druze and was coveted by the Syrians.
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Remnants of a Dream: Photographs from the Kibbutz
Copyright © 1998

Photographed at six different kibbutzim in Israel. These communities have been well-known for their socialist values and their pioneering efforts in establishing the state of Israel. Kibbutzim have been continually redefining themselves since their creation almost a century ago. There are approximately 271 currently in existence.
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The Dead Sea Peace: Photographs from Israel and Jordan
Copyright © 1993-1995

These images were motivated by the prospect of showing a peaceful setting in the Middle East. Physically separating Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea attracts visitors from all over the world to experience its healing properties. It was also the setting of a historic treaty between Israel and Jordan in 1994.
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